Personal Literary

First for first.



They say that a usually quiet person is very talkative in writing. While it may be true, I beg to differ. Here I am, a very loud conversationalist yet even more talkative in print.

My love for writing is indescribable. I always love collecting notebooks (unique designs in my perspective, of all shapes and sizes) to jot down almost anything on it. Especially, when I have nothing to do, I will always have a piece of paper for me to scribble words on.

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If there is an exact term for both babbling and ramblings in literary, it would be the most accurate description of me. Several ideas are swimming around my head all the time, and most of the time I am overwhelmed by them. I do not know which to put first for a smooth transition, if it’s grammatically correct, or if it even makes sense. It’s weird, funny and frustrating.

Writing is my first love and imagine how my heart broke when my father didn’t let me take up Journalism or Mass Communication in College. Well technically, I wasn’t really that heartbroken. I understood that there are reasons why I can’t just follow my heart (hugot mode).

So, please bear with me as I am not good at this but I do love what I’m doing. I love writing whatever is in my head. Yet, I am quite prepared to be judged anyway. Go ahead and criticize, and I will try my best to take it positively and learn from it. I encourage everyone to keep the dream alive and let no one stop you.

What’s your story?





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