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Complicated Simplicity of Love

Love is complex. Life makes these complexities seem complicated. Yet we embrace such beauty with uncertainty. Sometimes, we are afraid of it.

Love is simple. Yet full of surprises and disappointments. It simply means feeling affectionate towards the other.

Love is beautiful. Too much so that it leaves some, tenacious, insecure, greedy. However, its mysterious humor of a character is an inspiration.

Love is powerful. Its strength serves as someone’s security. Yet, despite its force capacity, there will always be struggles.

Love knows no boundaries. It has no limit, and thus makes it risky. To some, it is an alarmingly fascinating feeling. We grew up believing its captivating charm and not knowing its delicate nature.

Love is cheerful. Full of joy, merry and passion. It is sometimes playful and mischievous.

Love is dangerous. Although, it obviously shows a hint of benevolent elegance.If love falls into the hands of two wrong people, it is unstable and vulnerable.

It is destructive at times, distracting at least. All the same, if it’s wrong, you are astray.

I am awed by how easy we fall for someone. People either fall in love too slow or fall in love too quick. Either way, when time and change put love to a test, some crumble. Only a fraction survive, unharmed and unaltered, if there are such things.

Or maybe, it’s not love at all.

Those who have found love, categorize those who didn’t as someone who hates it. Not believing in love and hating it is not the same.

Hating it, is hating everything about love in all its forms. Not believing, maybe has a little hate towards love, but with limitations. It is about acknowledging its existence yet refusing to accept there is such feeling. There’s a difference, I believe.

Now, some may wonder if I am one who hates it. I am not. For fear of change and rejection.

To conclude, I think some of us underestimate love when we have seen its negative side. Just because one had their heart broken to pieces, doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

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You may love again and get hurt once again, only to happen again and again as if it’s an unending cycle. It may take a while to fix and piece it back together, there may be twists and turns, even so love will always have its complexities fix it for you.


*Feel free to share how you feel about love. Comments are welcome. 🙂



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