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Entertainment Feature of the Month: APRIL

This month’s entertainment feature will be all about TV shows! #TVjunkie here

I will be sharing some of the showsย I have been watching for a while. I am not in any way affiliated with anyone working for these shows. This is an honest post about them and not in any way a paid publicity. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hate ranking all of them because it’s hard to choose, you know. So in no particular order, let’s start off with GOT.



Since this TV show’s Season 6 is nearly airing, and the long wait is finally over! I remember when I started watching this show, I didn’tย see why people are so obsessed with GOT. Continue reading “Entertainment Feature of the Month: APRIL”

Original Short Stories


Bright lights reflected inside the carโ€™s window as if reminding Alexandria that this is real. She didn’t expect coming back here again. Her brother seemed to have moved on, in his own ways of coping. Seven years didn’t seem long enough to heal the wounds. She always wondered how her brother did it.

The car passed by the bridge and began to reminisce.

They are on their way to their ancestral house for a vacation.



โ€œXander, could you please pass on my neck pillow?โ€

Alexander, Alexandriaโ€™s twin, smirked and responded, โ€œAre we there yet, Mom?โ€

Their amused mother answered, โ€œYour father is comfortably driving, stop asking that every other hour.โ€

Their father laughed, โ€œItโ€™s fine honey. Xander, is your sister still sleeping?โ€

Everyone erupted with laughter, except for Alex, who despite just waking up, glared at her brother.

โ€œHey, Dad. Sheโ€™s awake and about to cry now.โ€

โ€œIโ€™m not a crybaby anymore. Stop it.โ€ Alex replied, turning to ask her father โ€œWe hadnโ€™t arrived yet?โ€, while staring out the window.

Her brotherโ€™s snort made her turn around and reach for his M&Mโ€™s while her mom replied, โ€œYouโ€™re brother just asked. No.โ€

Xander bursts with a contagious laughter.

As their laughter filled the car, a speeding truck approached from the passengerโ€™s side and crash into them.



Continue reading “Hollow”

Personal Literary

Beauty by numbers

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In my daily struggles of being on time, I usually have several things going on in my head and let my mind do the wondering. One of which ideas came to mind recently is, โ€œhow is it that beauty is measured by numbers?โ€

I mean, I wonโ€™t go all hypocrite and deny that I donโ€™t regard beauty with a measure sometimes. Yet, recently I found myself wondering why and how did we end up having such measurement for the beauty of our individuality.ย We always learn to appreciate oneโ€™s inner character later on, thus we learn to accept oneโ€™s imperfections. You have to admit though, itโ€™s always the outer appearance that catches your attention first.

Then it hit me, what majority of us lack is not the respect for inner beauty, but the proper judgement of beauty itself. Continue reading “Beauty by numbers”