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Beauty by numbers

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In my daily struggles of being on time, I usually have several things going on in my head and let my mind do the wondering. One of which ideas came to mind recently is, “how is it that beauty is measured by numbers?”

I mean, I won’t go all hypocrite and deny that I don’t regard beauty with a measure sometimes. Yet, recently I found myself wondering why and how did we end up having such measurement for the beauty of our individuality. We always learn to appreciate one’s inner character later on, thus we learn to accept one’s imperfections. You have to admit though, it’s always the outer appearance that catches your attention first.

Then it hit me, what majority of us lack is not the respect for inner beauty, but the proper judgement of beauty itself.

I would like to use a quote from a recent chick literature I’ve read,

“Normalcy is a lie invented by advertising agencies to make the rest of us feel inferior.”

Unforeseen events lead to this invisible author of this idea. It created the standards of perfection. We are led to believe that having no flaws is normal, and that being normal is beauty. In conformity, beauty is always measured by numbers, skin color and even proportions.

Surprisingly, the idea is still evolving. How does society determine beauty and how does it shift?

From one,

“being curvaceous and shapely is beautiful” ,

to this,

“every girl wants to be skinny and perfect”.

Sometimes, I see both ideas present at the same time.

Isn’t it a little bit confusing? One moment, people would accept you for being brave and confident no matter how voluptuous you are. Then, people would regard slim as the new sexy and being overweight is unhealthy and therefore not pretty. That doesn’t mean that being healthy is being skinny either.

Does being a “stick figure silicone Barbie doll”  worth the risk of starving one’s self?


If it makes them feel good about themselves, then there’s no problem. I’m all for self-confidence and self-empowerment, and no one should feel obligated to do anything for public acceptance. I want to encourage everyone to practice healthy living for themselves and not for how people regard them with. Learning to appreciate what you are doesn’t happen overnight. When you learn to love yourself, you soon realizes that you would do these things for you and not for others.

Embracing your best self and your uniqueness is one thing. Accepting others for who they are is another thing.

People are either fat shaming or skinny shaming each other. Maybe out of insecurity for themselves, they try to shift the idea away from them or they are just plain bored.

No one should be rudely called out for, for being either too fat or too skinny. Body shaming, being fat or slim, is not acceptable. Both ideas just lead us to a confusion of what beauty is really like.

Beauty should not be defined as having the perfect curves, the perfect shape, the perfect color nor the perfect face. Being beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes and color. We all have flaws in our entire being, a part of who we are; it may be too distinct or can be concealed. We just have to welcome our own in order for us to be able to acknowledge other’s imperfections.

Once we get past the outer attributes and get to know someone, we soon understand that there is more to that person than they look. We always do. It’s just that we always had to consider the physical appeal first out of habit.

We may not yet be the person who generally thinks about character before appearance, but I hope that someday this unfair first impression judgment would end.


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