Momentary Fictitious Notes

Getting over

She can’t figure out why she keeps on hoping for something already broken. She ends up hurting herself more and more every time. One night, she whispered to herself,  “Why am I doing this to myself?”

Momentary Fictitious Notes


He said, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

I stopped walking, turned to face him, with full surprise in my eyes.

He stood there, broodingly handsome, waiting for my reply.

He patiently stares back at me with adoration

I frowned, then replied,  “I don’t believe in such things.”

Personal Literary

Exclusive Reading Adventures


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While I see writing as my first love, I consider reading as my great love. I was that one student who was a constant visitor of our school library. I was that student, who took advantage of our School Library’s perks. I was a student with an overused Library Card. Continue reading “Exclusive Reading Adventures”

Personal Literary

Hollow: A 300-word short story entry

Two weeks ago, I found out about Young Star’s tie up contest with National Book Store. It was a 300-word short story fiction writing challenge.I just want to give a little background on why and how I worked it out. I wasn’t chosen, by the way (more of that later).

I was hopeful, even though I had no clue what to write. Two days passed since that day, and I still have no story to submit. (I was procrastinating.)

I wasn’t really worried that much, because the more I panicked about certain things, the more I messed things up. I thought, it wouldn’t do me good to stress myself, just that I made it my goal to send an entry.

Later that night, I just felt the urge to write the entry. I was aiming for a romance-y love story, because that is what I have been writing.

(Well mostly, they were only parts and were all buried deep within the piles of notebooks I’ve had. *wink)

The 300-word only challenge was very frustrating. Those people who know me personally, knows that I talk a lot. I hated the idea of not being able to put enough words for the idea. So anyway, after several tweaks and edits, I sent my entry.

I edited some parts of my sent entry to retain it’s mystery. Continue reading “Hollow: A 300-word short story entry”