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While I see writing as my first love, I consider reading as my great love. I was that one student who was a constant visitor of our school library. I was that student, who took advantage of our School Library’s perks. I was a student with an overused Library Card. Continue reading “Exclusive Reading Adventures”

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Hollow: A 300-word short story entry

Two weeks ago, I found out about Young Star’s tie up contest with National Book Store. It was a 300-word short story fiction writing challenge.I just want to give a little background on why and how I worked it out. I wasn’t chosen, by the way (more of that later).

I was hopeful, even though I had no clue what to write. Two days passed since that day, and I still have no story to submit. (I was procrastinating.)

I wasn’t really worried that much, because the more I panicked about certain things, the more I messed things up. I thought, it wouldn’t do me good to stress myself, just that I made it my goal to send an entry.

Later that night, I just felt the urge to write the entry. I was aiming for a romance-y love story, because that is what I have been writing.

(Well mostly, they were only parts and were all buried deep within the piles of notebooks I’ve had. *wink)

The 300-word only challenge was very frustrating. Those people who know me personally, knows that I talk a lot. I hated the idea of not being able to put enough words for the idea. So anyway, after several tweaks and edits, I sent my entry.

I edited some parts of my sent entry to retain it’s mystery. Continue reading “Hollow: A 300-word short story entry”