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Hollow: A 300-word short story entry

Two weeks ago, I found out about Young Star’s tie up contest with National Book Store. It was a 300-word short story fiction writing challenge.I just want to give a little background on why and how I worked it out. I wasn’t chosen, by the way (more of that later).

I was hopeful, even though I had no clue what to write. Two days passed since that day, and I still have no story to submit. (I was procrastinating.)

I wasn’t really worried that much, because the more I panicked about certain things, the more I messed things up. I thought, it wouldn’t do me good to stress myself, just that I made it my goal to send an entry.

Later that night, I just felt the urge to write the entry. I was aiming for a romance-y love story, because that is what I have been writing.

(Well mostly, they were only parts and were all buried deep within the piles of notebooks I’ve had. *wink)

The 300-word only challenge was very frustrating. Those people who know me personally, knows that I talk a lot. I hated the idea of not being able to put enough words for the idea. So anyway, after several tweaks and edits, I sent my entry.

I edited some parts of my sent entry to retain it’s mystery.

I know it’s not the best entry (hence why it wasn’t chosen to get published) , but I was hopeful because I wanted my story to enlighten the public. I want it to raise awareness about depression and it is a serious matter.

I don’t know anyone personally who are just as wrecked as my characters in the story, but I want this to be an eye-opener. Clearly, I’m not an entirely depressed person, but there have been times I felt depressed and hopeless. Just imagine those people who go through that every day.

I wanted to let my story get out, because I want to let people know that we should treat other people the way we want to be treated. We wouldn’t know how much that stranger is going through.

My short story shows how a person may look okay from the outside, but feel entirely different inside. So, the reason why I shared my entry here despite my insecurities, remains the same. Public awareness.

To those who are cruel and rude to others, please be gentle. You never know how much impact that could do to send someone over the edge.

To those who feel hopelessly worthless, desperate, dejected, unhappy and unloved, know that you are an essential human being. You may feel that you are not worthy of anything, but know that somewhere out there, someone cares for you. You may have been trying to find peace emotionally, but know that peace is just one conversation away. Someone is interested just to listen to your heartaches and frustrations. Just vent it out.

And if there’s no one you can talk to, you can talk to me.

*My high school English teacher told me once during an exam, “You’re a good listener.”

And I still am. 🙂





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