Book Review

The Siren by Kiera Cass


Over-all rating of the book: 5 stars


“You must never do anything that might expose our secret. This means that, in general, you cannot form close bonds with humans. You can speak to us, and you can always commune with the Ocean, but you are deadly to humans. You are, essentially, a weapon. A very beautiful weapon. I won’t lie to you, it can be a lonely existence, but once you are done, you get to live. All you have to give, for now, is obedience and time…”

The same speech has been given hundreds of times to hundreds of beautiful girls who enter the sisterhood of sirens. Kahlen has lived by these rules for years now, patiently waiting for the life she can call her own. But when Akinli, a human, enters her world, she can’t bring herself to live by the rules anymore. Suddenly the life she’s been waiting for doesn’t seem nearly as important as the one she’s living now.

Personal Rating Breakdown: (5 stars being the highest)

  • Cover: 5 stars 
  • Page-turner: 5 stars
  • Romantic Excitement (Kilig* Factor): 5 stars
  • Imagery Rating: 5 stars
  • Steampunk-ness: not applicable


Disclaimer: I bought my own copy of the book (e-book version)

Out of all the books I’ve read, this is my first shot at posting a book review (and an overdue post). I will post another blog entry about it later on. I’ll try not to give away too much spoilers as possible.

I fell in love at first read with this book. I read it in e-book version. It was written so well, so synchronized and in a smooth order.  In the first few chapters a lot happened already that I had to check what page I was in. I feared I might be approaching towards the ending with disappointment. I was wrong, that ending was very satisfying. This is one of those books you would want to read over and over. I’ve read this novel twice with no books in between.

It tells us a story about despite many adventures, a person would do anything to come back to her true love. In my own interpretation, “The Siren” is the story of every character in the book who had been given another chance at life with a price. Although, Kahlen,  is mainly the protagonist of the novel.

The book took me in different places and different timelines. The Siren covered decades in a fashionable transition. For me, this novel showed more than just the cliche love story. It showed true love in different ways. Love for nature, for mankind, for adventures, for art, for friends, love for strangers as sisters, motherly love, love with no boundaries, love without reason, love beyond imperfections, love with patience, and love with sacrifice. Honestly, when you read the book, you’ll see.

What I love most about this book, is that it makes you feel everything. You feel wonder, anger, sad, and frustrated. It makes you realize that there are reasons behind why things are the way they are. There are experiences that makes one person more than what she is from the outside. I love the way how each character is different yet similar in some ways. It balances their negative traits that makes these characters lovable. Kahlen is brave while Elizabeth is adventurous. Elizabeth is liberating and Miaka is outgoing. Miaka was silent while Aisling was distant. The Ocean, which is the “challenge” in the novel, is quite admirable too after a few chapters.



This book made me more appreciative of time. We live our lives as though time is running out fast without really living in it. There’s no substance, the way I put it. When we pause for a moment once in a while, we’ll see how one day seem to have a lot to offer in significance. Take time to appreciate things in your surroundings. Fill yourself with wonder as if it’s your first time in that place. Live purposely as if we have decades to enjoy our lives. Yet, enjoy every minute we have in this world as if we are living a different life.

I recommend this book to all the young readers and young at heart. This is a light read YA romance.


(c) Selihna for the wonderful artsy photo of The Siren



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