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While I see writing as my first love, I consider reading as my great love. I was that one student who was a constant visitor of our school library. I was that student, who took advantage of our School Library’s perks. I was a student with an overused Library Card.

Being a young girl who loved reading but couldn’t afford to buy books yet. That didn’t stop me from being resourceful though. Growing up from an average family, yet with so much passion for reading, made me who I am today. I learned to be more patient and resourceful. Having the same enthusiasm few years later, dropping the “student” trophy, and here I am still a bookworm.

Some stories I remember just the plot and some just the title. I don’t remember the very first book I’ve read, but I know I started reading Goosebumps and Baby Sitters Club somewhere along when I was in 4th Grade.

I’ve read too many books that I lost count. The most recent book I’ve finished was Give Me Something To Remember by Kate Evangelista. I am currently reading The Crown by Kiera Cass.

So, you might be wondering why I decided not to post book reviews of all the books I have read. Actually, there are three personal reasons:

  • This blog is a new born (1 year old last May 12) and even then, had just been active recently.
  • I am a type of person who babbles and keeps on talking (or rather writing) when I get so excited or frustrated. I say a lot that I don’t even know how to organize my own thoughts about a certain topic.
  •  I think it would be uncomfortable for me to share them.The way I treat reading, is like going on my own private adventure. I wouldn’t want to impart my thoughts and feelings. The way I felt devastated, frustrated and excited in every book I read, is private; As selfish as that may sound.

Now, you’re probably even more confused why I am writing this book review if I feel strongly private about my reading experiences.

So let me enlighten you why I decided to post it otherwise. I just thought that of all the reading adventures I had and will still have, this book is probably the most fit for me to share. I just relate to the character so much and we are in some ways alike. I planned to share my love for books (and reading) for the first time. By giving a review about it, I share an example of one book that captivated my heart firsthand.

I initially planned this to be my first and last book review. A friend insists I should do it again. I feel uneasy just thinking about doing it again. There’s this doubt in my head saying I should just keep it to myself. But honestly, I’m considering the idea of posting book reviews. Although, I’d probably just choose the book adventures I want to share.

Besides, who cares anyway? *evil laugh



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