Movie Review

Me Before You: A film review

To those who have known me for ever, I have no problem entering a Cinema alone.


Now, for my film review slash personal thoughts about the movie.

Few weeks before the movie release, Me Before You encountered some issues with the disability campaigners. They have a point, I mean I am as frustrated with what Will did. You can’t just give up your life like that despite what happened. But I think they shouldn’t really be against the movie, after all it IS an adaptation of a book.

Me Before You, touches the audience’s heart in a way we don’t notice how deep. It cuts through too deep it’s wonderful and hurtful at the same time. Continue reading “Me Before You: A film review”

Book Review

The Clockwork Siren Series by Katie Hayoz

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The Clockwork Siren Series
by Katie Hayoz
Publication date: February 29th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Steampunk

Over-all rating of the books: 5 stars

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Momentary Fictitious Notes


She wakes up in the middle of the night, on the right side of her bed.

For a few minutes, she stared blankly ahead, thinking.

As her eyes scan the corners of her room, she felt something wet running down her  cheeks.

The night stood still, silent, and all she can hear are her own teardrops making a sound as they hit her pillow.

She turned to her left as her unsolicited tears continue to run down her face.

She realized she was worthless without it. Without love.

As if she was living, but there was no substance. She realized she wasn’t needed. She wasn’t important.

She was alone.

Personal Literary

I am a Bibliophile and a Cinephile

Bibliophile– a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Cinephile– a person who is fond of motion pictures

The best thing about being both a Bibliophile and a Cinephile, is being a fan of two art platforms and admiring them as two different things.

If you loved a book, and it got a movie adaptation, you would be criticizing two different things. You would be not comparing both of them, allowing you not to be disappointed with whatever shortcomings the other had. Continue reading “I am a Bibliophile and a Cinephile”