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I am a Bibliophile and a Cinephile

Bibliophile– a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Cinephile– a person who is fond of motion pictures

The best thing about being both a Bibliophile and a Cinephile, is being a fan of two art platforms and admiring them as two different things.

If you loved a book, and it got a movie adaptation, you would be criticizing two different things. You would be not comparing both of them, allowing you not to be disappointed with whatever shortcomings the other had.

There are other fellow Bibliophiles, who hates the movie adaptations of any book they have read because it’s not always the same as the book.

There will always be a lack of parts from the book, since you can’t really fit in everything to a movie. There are limitations to everything.

While other fellow Cinephile, who doesn’t really like reading (not all of them), would much rather like seeing the movie than read the book. Some would even see the movie adaptation first, and then read the book.

There’s nothing wrong if you think that way, because we have different perspectives. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, if ever you go see a film based on a book try to see it not as an adaptation but as a movie.

You will probably enjoy it more than you used to. That entirely depends on how you see things. If you look at it differently, not expecting anything, you will not be disappointed.




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