Movie Review

Throwback Post: Love, Rosie


I first watched Love, Rosie with my friend and I fell in love with it that first time.

This sort of “movie review” is short. Like a hundred words short. This is a part of my application for something that I’m still waiting to be a part of. I just thought of sharing a kind of “a throwback post”, because it’s Thursday. ๐Ÿ™‚

As a fan of film art, I’ve always enjoyed watching movies, alone or with someone. One of my favorite movies is Love, Rosie.

I will never get tired of watching this movie. Throughout the film, itโ€™s really frustrating how Alex and Rosie canโ€™t seem to stay together. I love how their relationship progressed through all that. This film inspired me not only on the romantic aspect but also in life perspective. Itโ€™s a feel good movie that promises no matter how hard life is, how it seemed like the challenges are unlimited, it is just a bend in the road.


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