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ART FAIR Philippines 2017

This year’s wristband. (ART FAIR PH 2017)


ART FAIR PH 2017 (February 16-19)  is crowded with attendees even on the last day, but worth the wait anyway. We waited for a year for this (and had to wait for a few minutes in long lines going in). Booths were as astonishing as last year, even better.

Look how many people are lining up for the tickets. (minus the long line outside)


I heard they actually had to let people in by batch for crowd control later that day. Some were not able to go in at all. 😦


They even have air-conditioned comfort rooms this year, unlike last 2016.


If you appreciate art galleries, this fair is definitely a feast  for your eyes…

Processed with VSCO
Secret Fresh booth (enhanced with#VSCO)






This year is my second time attending and I can’t quite put into words yet how mesmerizing it is wandering around the floors filled with art in all its forms. It’s kind of inspiring and refreshing that we have these artists to be proud of.

I hope to see more people coming to appreciate these masterpieces.

See you guys next year! 🙂


Last year (ART FAIR 2016)

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How about you guys? Ever been to an Art Fair? Tell me something about it on the comments below. 🙂



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