Personal Literary

Lost yet Hopeful

I feel like I’ve been saying sorry a lot for the past few weeks that some of you may think I don’t mean it. I do. It may have been challenging for me during this restoration process, but that doesn’t justify to disrespect others.

It’s kind of funny how I keep on saying, “Just because you are hurting, does not make it reasonable to treat others just the same”, and here I am eating my own words. 

I assume some of you who knew me for a long time may get confused reading this since you knew how optimistic and confident I am anywhere I go. You know, I realized God gives us challenges not because He wants to punish us. He sees our pain, and yet He knows we will get through this. When that happens, we become better than we were before.

“Lost is a place too” have been one of my favorite things to say these past few weeks. I know I am still lost, hurt and confused, but despite all that I am hopeful. I know that this is not who God wanted me to be. He is preparing me for something bigger. He has better plans and better opportunities laid out for me.

I say this again to everyone I may have hurt in my current state of restoration process, I am deeply, regretfully sorry. To heal one’s heart does not happen overnight. I pray to God that He may heal those who are hurting at the moment. God bless. 😊