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Love, Simon : Movie Review

It’s been a while since I posted my last movie review; I feel like this is worth an appreciation post despite being someone straight. This is the first time I watched a gay movie and I must say, this is very new to me. I haven’t read any gay novel before as well, thus I haven’t read the book; I don’t remember watching the trailer which means I literally went in blind.

Let me put into words my cents without spoiling much of the movie.

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Movie Review

Throwback Post: Love, Rosie


I first watched Love, Rosie with my friend and I fell in love with it that first time.

This sort of “movie review” is short. Like a hundred words short. This is a part of my application for something that I’m still waiting to be a part of. I just thought of sharing a kind of “a throwback post”, because it’s Thursday. 🙂

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Movie Review

Me Before You: A film review

To those who have known me for ever, I have no problem entering a Cinema alone.


Now, for my film review slash personal thoughts about the movie.

Few weeks before the movie release, Me Before You encountered some issues with the disability campaigners. They have a point, I mean I am as frustrated with what Will did. You can’t just give up your life like that despite what happened. But I think they shouldn’t really be against the movie, after all it IS an adaptation of a book.

Me Before You, touches the audience’s heart in a way we don’t notice how deep. It cuts through too deep it’s wonderful and hurtful at the same time. Continue reading “Me Before You: A film review”