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Life, simple as paper,
As complex as rubber,
Yet when lived better,
Everything’s lighter.

How do you live better?
When did you seem to question everything?

Everything’s heavier.

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Personal Literary

Warrior of Christ: An Armory of Hope and Trust

The path of the righteous is never easy but is never as demanding with the Lord beside you.

We live in a world, who embraces negativity as something valuable just because it is unusual. Unfortunately, this world’s acceptance is twisted in ways we can’t even define. It may be true that we now live in an environment full of pessimistic ideals, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope.

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Lost yet Hopeful

I feel like I’ve been saying sorry a lot for the past few weeks that some of you may think I don’t mean it. I do. It may have been challenging for me during this restoration process, but that doesn’t justify to disrespect others.

It’s kind of funny how I keep on saying, “Just because you are hurting, does not make it reasonable to treat others just the same”, and here I am eating my own words. 

I assume some of you who knew me for a long time may get confused reading this since you knew how optimistic and confident I am anywhere I go. You know, I realized God gives us challenges not because He wants to punish us. He sees our pain, and yet He knows we will get through this. When that happens, we become better than we were before.

“Lost is a place too” have been one of my favorite things to say these past few weeks. I know I am still lost, hurt and confused, but despite all that I am hopeful. I know that this is not who God wanted me to be. He is preparing me for something bigger. He has better plans and better opportunities laid out for me.

I say this again to everyone I may have hurt in my current state of restoration process, I am deeply, regretfully sorry. To heal one’s heart does not happen overnight. I pray to God that He may heal those who are hurting at the moment. God bless. 😊

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Despicable Nature

​The environment is so defiled, you hate what you’ve become.

I ran out of motivation, I ran out of inspiration.

To keep going, one must endure the unjust attention.

Judgmental eyes they bear, 

immature mentality they wear.

How can you hold on to your intergrity?

When people around you grasp for power and authority.

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I am a Bibliophile and a Cinephile

Bibliophile– a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Cinephile– a person who is fond of motion pictures

The best thing about being both a Bibliophile and a Cinephile, is being a fan of two art platforms and admiring them as two different things.

If you loved a book, and it got a movie adaptation, you would be criticizing two different things. You would be not comparing both of them, allowing you not to be disappointed with whatever shortcomings the other had. Continue reading “I am a Bibliophile and a Cinephile”

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Exclusive Reading Adventures


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While I see writing as my first love, I consider reading as my great love. I was that one student who was a constant visitor of our school library. I was that student, who took advantage of our School Library’s perks. I was a student with an overused Library Card. Continue reading “Exclusive Reading Adventures”

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Hollow: A 300-word short story entry

Two weeks ago, I found out about Young Star’s tie up contest with National Book Store. It was a 300-word short story fiction writing challenge.I just want to give a little background on why and how I worked it out. I wasn’t chosen, by the way (more of that later).

I was hopeful, even though I had no clue what to write. Two days passed since that day, and I still have no story to submit. (I was procrastinating.)

I wasn’t really worried that much, because the more I panicked about certain things, the more I messed things up. I thought, it wouldn’t do me good to stress myself, just that I made it my goal to send an entry.

Later that night, I just felt the urge to write the entry. I was aiming for a romance-y love story, because that is what I have been writing.

(Well mostly, they were only parts and were all buried deep within the piles of notebooks I’ve had. *wink)

The 300-word only challenge was very frustrating. Those people who know me personally, knows that I talk a lot. I hated the idea of not being able to put enough words for the idea. So anyway, after several tweaks and edits, I sent my entry.

I edited some parts of my sent entry to retain it’s mystery. Continue reading “Hollow: A 300-word short story entry”

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Beauty by numbers

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In my daily struggles of being on time, I usually have several things going on in my head and let my mind do the wondering. One of which ideas came to mind recently is, “how is it that beauty is measured by numbers?”

I mean, I won’t go all hypocrite and deny that I don’t regard beauty with a measure sometimes. Yet, recently I found myself wondering why and how did we end up having such measurement for the beauty of our individuality. We always learn to appreciate one’s inner character later on, thus we learn to accept one’s imperfections. You have to admit though, it’s always the outer appearance that catches your attention first.

Then it hit me, what majority of us lack is not the respect for inner beauty, but the proper judgement of beauty itself. Continue reading “Beauty by numbers”

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Anger issues

How I deal with anger?
Blast loud music through my ears. And by loud, I mean loud enough to make my ears bleed to its destruction. Listen until I get tired of it.
Read a book. Or books. Depends on how angry I am at the moment. There were moments when I was so angry, I finished two novels to my heart’s content.
I sleep. While having the same loud beats in my ears.
I forget. I leave it all behind me.